Bandslam – Original Television Episode

Hello! This is an original pilot episode of a television show that I created for my first television production course. I was the writer and director for this, but all other operations were handled by my classmates. As I said, it was during our first production class, so most of us were new to the equipment. We only had one chance to film each original show, so this was taken in one shot. Unfortunately, the equipment in the studio does not have the best quality, so the picture is not as clear as I would like it to be. There are also a few camera mistakes and someone forgot to switch the chyron for one part of it, but since there was only had the time to film it once, there was nothing I could do to fix that. However, I really enjoyed this experience because it was my first time seeing something that I wrote come to life.

It was also a very interesting experience for me to handle the casting aspects of the show. I put an advertisement on so that I could get experienced actors to audition for the project. I ended up having submissions from nearly one hundred people and called ten people back for in person auditions. It was really cool for me to see that people were actually interested in being involved in my project. Unfortunately, the day before the shoot was going to take place, one of my actors told me that they could no longer be a part of the production, so I had to have a friend of mine fill in for them. Thankfully, they were able to give a good performance. Though it was very frustrating, I am glad that I was able to have a situation like that before I become a professional, so that if it were to happen during my career I would know how to handle the situation and remain calm.

It’s called Bandslam and it is a show about musicians who are looking to join a group and have been unable to find members. After auditions, a music producer groups people up and the bands will compete to win a record deal. The part where it shows the other auditions are people who actually auditioned for my show, but were unable to do it in the end. They sent me video submissions for that part. Also, for the class we had to film a commercial to use during the project, so that’s why it randomly changes to my “Sushi Pong” commercial for a minute; the information given by the producer, Stefan, about the show is meant to act as a commercial, as well. I hope you enjoy it, even though the film quality is not the best.

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