Hello and welcome to my website! I am Kelly McCool, an aspiring artist from New Jersey. I especially love working with film and television production, music, writing books, and animation. I am currently a student at Seton Hall University, pursuing a double major in Broadcasting and Interactive Multimedia. I also have three minors, including Animation, Theatre, and Web Design. I created this website as a place to share my work as I create it, so please send me some feedback of my work. I am hoping that I can advance my skill set by having an audience critique the work I am doing.

In my spare time, I throughly enjoy watching television shows and films and listening to music. I have a huge obsession with musical theatre and I love reading books. I am a member of many organizations on the campus of my university, including Pirate Television – a student run television  studio, Anime Club – I am the current Vice President of the club, the Alpha Sigma Tau sorority, the University Choir, and Allies – a gay-straight alliance.

Feel free to reach out to me for anything!